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How DALL-E could power a creative revolution - The Verge

How DALL-E could power a creative revolution - The Verge

Here’s what it’s like to use OpenAI’s amazing text-to-image AI tool Dall-E, with examples of the kinds of images it can spit out.

Disclaimer: All images in this story were generated using artificial intelligence.

Every few years, a technology comes along that splits the world neatly into before and after. I remember the first time I saw a YouTube video embedded on a web page; the first time I synced Evernote files between devices; the first time I scanned tweets from people nearby to see what they were saying about a concert I was attending.

I remember the first time I Shazam’d a song, summoned an Uber, and streamed myself live using Meerkat. What makes these moments stand out, I think, is the sense that some unpredictable set of new possibilities had been unlocked. What would the web become when you could easily add video clips to it? When you could summon any file to your phone from the cloud? When you could broadcast yourself to the world?

It’s been a few years since I saw the sort of nascent technology that made me call my friends and say: you’ve got to see this. But this week I did, because I have a new one to add to the list. It’s an image generation tool called DALL-E, and while I have very little idea of how it will eventually be used, it’s one of the most compelling new products I’ve seen since I started writing this newsletter.

Technically, the technology in question is DALL-E 2. It was created by OpenAI, a seven-year-old San Francisco company whose mission is to create a safe and useful artificial general intelligence. OpenAI is already well known in its field for creating GPT-3, a powerful tool for generating sophisticated text passages from simple prompts, and Copilot, a tool that helps automate writing code for software engineers.

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