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DJI releases RS 3, RS 3 Pro, and DJI Transmission - The Verge

DJI releases RS 3, RS 3 Pro, and DJI Transmission - The Verge

The RS 3 and RS 3 Pro are DJI’s latest stabilizing gimbals for filmmakers. They include neat tricks from the cinema camera it introduced last year, the Ronin 4D.

Mostly known for its drones, Chinese company DJI has been expanding its reach with offerings for filmmakers in recent years. Last year the company introduced its first new cinema camera, the Ronin 4D. Today, it is announcing and releasing two new gimbals and a DJI Transmission wireless system, all of which are borrowing a few neat tricks from the Ronin 4D.

The RS 3 can be seen as a successor to the RSC 2 that DJI released in 2020. It is the smaller of the two newly released gimbals focused on getting you up and ready to record as quickly as possible. The new axis locking mechanism releases automatically once the gimbal is powered on, allowing you to get filming sooner. Along with new quick-release mounts, it should save you precious time and eliminate the need to rebalance the arms between shoots.

DJI RS 3 now also features interchangeable batteries but no longer has the adjustable grip like its predecessor.

Image: DJI

Both gimbals now include a 1.8-inch OLED screen.

Image: DJI

The RS 3 also features new support for the Bluetooth shutter button, which means you won’t need to connect a camera control cable and can just trigger the record button wirelessly. DJI quotes “20 percent improved performance over the RSC 2,” which most noticeably smooths things out when filming at low angles, running with the gimbal, or filming from a moving vehicle. Like the RSC 2, this gimbal supports SuperSmooth mode, which adds extra stabilization when filming with tighter zoom lenses up to 100mm.

The new gimbal also features a much larger 1.8-inch OLED touchscreen, which should help you adjust settings on the go without the need to connect it to the Ronin app. The grip has added a physical sliding switch so filmers can toggle between pan follow, pan and tilt follow, and FPV modes.

The brand-new interchangeable battery grip with 12 hours of battery life is a slight decrease compared to RSC 2’s 14 hours of battery life. But 12 hours is still a long time, and it supports 18W PD fast charging. Props to you if you can hold the gimbal for that long.

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