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Hands-on with PowerA’s new colorful pastel controllers for Xbox and PC - The Verge

Hands-on with PowerA’s new colorful pastel controllers for Xbox and PC - The Verge

PowerA’s new pastel collection of its Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox consoles and Windows PCs are colorful, cute, and affordable. The five new colors are light and airy, even if the controller is still stuck with Micro USB.

When it comes to colorful controller designs, Xbox’s game has been on point for years. Ever since the Xbox One generation, Microsoft has released many fun variations of its controllers — including limited editions and the Xbox Design Lab — and this momentum has not slowed with the Xbox Series X / S consoles. Meanwhile, the third-party range of Xbox controllers is more expansive than ever, and brands like PowerA are hitting budget-friendly prices with slick new colorways of its own, like the recently released pastel range of the $37.99 PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox and PC.

Marshmallowy vibes for days. The controllers have smooth, satin finishes on the front, lightly textured backs, and glossy accents on the shoulders and bumpers.

Announced back in March as a spring collection, these new pastel colors for the Enhanced Wired line include purple camo, lavender swirl, pink lemonade, pastel dream, and cotton candy blue. Pink lemonade seemed like the clear winner to me at first with its sleek yellow-to-pink gradient, but now having seen and handled all five colors in person, I can officially declare cotton candy blue as the best looker. It’s actually a bit more seafoam blueish-greenish than its name indicates, but regardless, it’s a bold yet soft monochromatic hue on this controller.

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