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Best cell phone plans in 2022 - The Verge News in New York

Best cell phone plans in 2022 - The Verge News in New York

We’ve picked the very best phone plans from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and more — from cheap unlimited to shared data plans for the whole family.

Some of us get excited about shopping for a new phone (New technology! Megapixels! Fancy screen!), but none of us enjoy shopping for a new phone plan. It’s always been a confusing experience, and things aren’t getting any easier to understand in the era of 5G. With more 5G spectrum coming online this year — and carriers inventing more words for it— understanding what a phone plan includes and picking the right one is difficult. While we can’t promise to make it an enjoyable experience, we can help you do a little homework ahead of time to make it less painful.

If you prefer to cut right to the chase, we’ve got two recommendations from the major US carriers for you: T-Mobile’s Essentials if you’re looking for unlimited and Verizon’s 10GB Shared Data plan if you’d rather have a set amount of data each month.

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