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SwitchBot announces a new $99 smart door lock that doesn’t need any tools to install - The Verge

SwitchBot announces a new $99 smart door lock that doesn’t need any tools to install - The Verge

The SwitchBot Lock and $29 SwitchBot Keypad work over Bluetooth and allow access to your door via an app, key, code, or fingerprint.

SwitchBot, the company that makes tiny robotic fingers to press your switches for you, is branching further into the smart home. The new SwitchBot Lock ($99.99) sticks to your door and turns the thumb turn automatically to lock and unlock it. This is the simplest retrofit smart lock solution I’ve ever seen. SwitchBot says it can be installed in seconds since there’s no need to remove any part of your existing door lock. But it does look a bit odd.

The SwitchBot Lock will be available starting June 20th at Amazon and the SwitchBot store along with two compatible keypads — the SwitchBot KeyPad ($29.99) and the SwitchBot KeyPad Touch with a fingerprint reader ($59.99).

There are two versions of the SwitchBot KeyPad, one with a fingerprint reader. They’re sold separately from the lock.

Image: SwitchBot

As a Bluetooth lock, you can control the SwitchBot Lock with your smartphone or Apple Watch when you’re near the door. It also has an auto-lock feature. To add voice control through Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa and control the lock when you’re away from home using the SwitchBot app, you’ll need to pick up a SwitchBot Hub Mini ($39) and plug that into a USB outlet near the lock.

The company says the lock is compatible with most deadbolt locks, and it comes with three different-sized thumb turns to fit a variety of designs. SwitchBot is also working on additional accessories for more compatibility. The thumb turns pop into the SwitchBot Lock to “grasp” and then turn the lock’s thumb turn automatically. You can also control it manually.

The simplicity of installation makes this a good option for renters. The SwitchBot Lock uses 3M VHB to stick to the door, and you don’t need to screw anything to the door or touch your existing lock. It’s powered by two CR123A 3V batteries that promise six months of battery life.

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