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Shopping on Amazon might not work for you right now, as the retailer’s website appears to be suffering from an outage. Users report pages that fail to load or display error messages.

Update June 14th, 4:49AM ET: Amazon says the issue was resolved in a statement sent just before midnight on Monday. “We’re sorry that some customers may have temporarily experienced issues while shopping earlier today. We have resolved the issue,” said Amazon spokesperson Rena Lunak in an email to The Verge. The following article appears unchanged from the original.

For one reason or another, the internet’s biggest retailer has a website that’s not working correctly for some people. Many pages are either not loading at all, displaying error messages, or loading slowly with missing information. Checking with other Verge staffers, some people are getting error messages or partially loading pages, while others report no issues, and sometimes different pages have different results. Reports about the issue started at around 1:40PM ET, and some people have been experiencing the problem ever since.

While it’s not ideal to get a message saying “We’re sorry, an error has occurred. Please reload this page and try again.” when you’re trying to order some cat food or a Fire HD tablet, the good news is that whatever’s wrong doesn’t appear to be an Amazon Web Service outage affecting other services across the internet. Outages for specifically are typically rare — even a little downtime can cost the retailer a ridiculous amount of money — but not unheard of.

This Amazon page isn’t supposed to look like that.


The Verge has contacted Amazon for more information about the issue, and we will update this post if we get a response.

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