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Tesla layoffs reportedly affect hourly workers, too - The Verge

Tesla layoffs reportedly affect hourly workers, too - The Verge

Elon Musk told Tesla employees layoffs would affect 10 percent of salaried workers. Reports from Electrek and Reuters note hourly workers have also been let go recently, and job postings from Tesla have dropped.

According to a report from Electrek, a wave of layoffs at Tesla may affect hourly workers, despite a company-wide email from Elon Musk on June 3rd saying “Tesla will be reducing salaried headcount by 10% as we have become overstaffed in many areas.” On June 4th, Musk tweeted that “[t]otal headcount will increase, but salaried should be fairly flat,” in response to a statement about Tesla’s staffing over the next twelve months.

The email went out clarifying the situation after initial reports of Musk telling company execs it would need to reduce headcount by 10 percent overall and pause hiring worldwide due to his “super bad feeling” about the economy. Tesla did not respond to a request for comment; the company disbanded its public relations department in 2019 and has not responded to requests from the media since then.

In other Musk-world news, SpaceX fired a number of employees linked to a letter critical of Elon’s behavior, and in a Q&A session with Twitter employees, he hinted at possible layoffs when / if he completes his acquisition while saying the company “needs to get healthy” financially.


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