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Withings Sleep review: same hardware, better software - The Verge

Withings Sleep review: same hardware, better software - The Verge

The Withings Sleep — formerly known as the Nokia Sleep — has added several new software updates since it first launched. It now tracks breathing disturbances and generates a comprehensive Sleep Diary report.

I first tested the $99.95 Withings Sleep back in 2018 when it was known as the Nokia Sleep. It was a neat concept at a time when most consumer sleep trackers were either absurdly expensive or wrist-worn. It wasn’t perfect, but in the intervening years since Withings left the Nokia umbrella, there have been enough changes issued to the Sleep that I wanted to re-test the device to see what had changed — and what hadn’t.

Design-wise, barely anything has changed. It’s still a 25 by 7.5 inch device that you plug into an outlet and then slip under your mattress at chest level. The gray fabric cover is still the same, except it now reads Withings instead of Nokia. The appeal here is you are able to track your sleep by just lying on your mattress like you always have — and without having to wear an uncomfortable device.

Setup is also the same. You still have to pair to your phone over Bluetooth as well as connect the device to Wi-Fi. Smart home integration via IFTTT hasn’t gone anywhere, so you can still control your lights and thermostat. By and large, the gist is that the physical product and many of its features haven’t changed much.

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