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Lego’s new $400 Lion Knights’ Castle is a love letter to my childhood - The Verge

Lego’s new $400 Lion Knights’ Castle is a love letter to my childhood - The Verge

For Lego’s 90th anniversary, it’s reviving its classic Castle theme with the $400 Lion Knights’ Castle set coming this August. At 4,514 pieces, it’s the toymaker’s most intricate Castle set yet.

Last January, Lego promised its 90th anniversary would be one to remember: the company agreed to revive one of its classic Lego themes (like Space, Castle, and Pirates) with a new, adult-grade Lego set.

But it turns out we’re not just getting one nostalgia bomb today — the company has decided to bring back classic Space and classic Castle at the same time. First, Lego is revealing the Galaxy Explorer, a $100 upscaled version of the original iconic Lego spaceship that’s up for pre-order today. And second, it’s announcing the Lion Knights’ Castle, which — at $400 and 4,514 pieces — is easily the most intricate and impressive castle playset the company’s ever produced.

To see more about the Lego Galaxy Explorer instead, tap here.

Note: There’s enough here for two stories — so keep on reading for more about the new Lion Knights’ Castle, or tap here if you’d rather learn about the super-sized revival of the original Galaxy Explorer spaceship.

For days now, I’ve been pouring over the high-resolution photos of each set you’ll find below, marveling over the details and hidden play features. But I didn’t have to do it by myself: I also got to speak to their lead designers Mike Psiaki (also see: Titanic, Saturn V, 007’s Aston Martin DB5) and Milan Madge (Space Shuttle Discovery, Pirates of Barracuda Bay, Central Perk). I even got to speak to Niels Milan Pedersen, a 44-year veteran who co-created Lego Pirates and Forestmen, worked on many classic Space themes, and designed many of the most iconic forts, castles, and ships including the Black Knight’s Castle, the Royal Knight’s Castle I was lucky enough to own as a kid, and the legendary Black Seas Barracuda.

And I’ll be damned if the new castle doesn’t outdo them all.

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