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Apple’s AirTag item trackers drop to their lowest price yet - The Verge

Apple’s AirTag item trackers drop to their lowest price yet - The Verge

You can buy one Apple AirTag at an all-time low at Amazon and Best Buy.

If you’re an iPhone owner planning on traveling this summer, today’s deal on Apple AirTag location trackers has arrived at the perfect time. Right now, you can buy Apple’s ultra wideband-capable Bluetooth tracker to keep track of your luggage and other items for just $24 instead of $29 from Amazon and Best Buy (until 10PM PT today or June 10th at 1AM ET). That might be a small discount, but it’s also a rare one and the best price we’ve seen.


This is an excellent tracker that works best with Apple devices and is ideal for those deeply embedded within the Apple ecosystem. It’s conveniently also IP67 water and dust resistant with user-replaceable batteries. Plus, the tracker also offers a few privacy and security features, like end-to-end encryption.

Of course, it’s not a perfect device, however. While it does have some anti-abuse features that Apple has continued to tweak since launch, there have been reports of AirTags being used as tools for stalking. It also doesn’t come with a built-in hole, which means you’re going to need to buy an additional accessory like the AirTag Loop to actually attach it to, say, your luggage. Still, it’s an impressively accurate location tracker that will certainly help you keep track of your belongings while vacationing this summer.

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