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Google’s Pixel Watch will reportedly have an Apple-like range of straps - The Verge

Google’s Pixel Watch will reportedly have an Apple-like range of straps - The Verge

A new rumor says that Google is making as many as seven watch straps for its forthcoming Pixel Watch. That’s because it’s opting for proprietary watch straps — a choice that could prove risky.

Any modern smartwatch worth its salt comes with swappable straps. So it’s no surprise that Google is reportedly working on a number of strap options for its forthcoming Pixel Watch. According to 9to5Google, the company is making at least seven straps — including the one showcased during the I/O keynote — for when the smartwatch launches this fall.

So far, 9to5Google is reporting that Google’s working on a Milanese-style mesh band, two types of leather bands, a link bracelet, a fabric band, and a silicone band. It’s also purportedly working on a stretchable option reminiscent of Apple’s Solo Loop. If it sounds like Google’s taking several pages out of Apple’s playbook, it is. We still don’t know the majority of the Pixel Watch’s specs, but from what we do know, it’s clear Google’s trying to take the Apple Watch head-on. Offering similar strap options plays into that strategy.

Watches — whether they’re analog or smart — are an expression of personal style. Unless Google gives folks a wide variety to choose from, the Pixel Watch won’t reach a wider audience. The safest thing would’ve been for Google to use a standard 20-22mm strap. That would’ve at least lessened Google’s own burden and offered customers dozens of stylish options that can be used with mechanical or analog watches as well.

Is this a Pixel Watch or one of several other smartwatches that look exactly the same? (It’s a Pixel Watch)

Image: Google

It’s not doing that, though. As we saw in the sizzle reel at Google I/O, it’s opting for its own proprietary straps. So either Google is quite confident in the designs it’s putting forth... or we’re about to see some really ugly or uninspired smartwatch bands from the folks who brought you the Pixel 6 cases.

Smartwatch makers — Apple included — have generally whiffed it when it comes to straps. As much as I love these gadgets, few of them are as attractive as their “dumber” counterparts. Fitbit’s Horween leather straps? I hesitate to call those leather. The ’70s called, and they’d like Apple’s leather link band back. I don’t even want to speak about the monstrosities that are perforated smartwatch bands. Silicone straps are functional for workouts but a lil chintzy for formal occasions.

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