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Summer Game Fest 2022: all the news and trailers - The Verge

Summer Game Fest 2022: all the news and trailers - The Verge

Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest 2022 livestream featured announcements for The Callisto Protocol, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, and The Last of Us Part I.

Summer Game Fest host Geoff Keighley warned fans to temper their expectations for today’s livestreamed event, which kicks off several days of demos and events. And indeed, the show didn’t have a lot of huge reveals — especially because one of its biggest announcements, a PlayStation 5 remake of The Last of Us, leaked just before the show.

But Summer Game Fest did manage to introduce a couple of surprises and new gameplay for the coming year’s big titles. Also, for some reason, a lot of it involved outer space.

If you didn’t catch the show, you can see the biggest announcements below.

Alien and Aliens games, to put it mildly, vary in quality. And we don’t know much about Aliens: Dark Descent, a newly announced installment in the franchise. (It’s presumably unrelated to Frictional’s Amnesia: The Dark Descent.) Developer Tindalos Interactive describes it as a squad-based action game where you command a group of Colonial Marines against xenomorphs and a new, unknown enemy. The game is scheduled for release on current- and next-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles, plus PC in 2023.

We’ve already seen a trailer for The Callisto Protocol, a survival horror game made by Striking Distance Studios, whose members worked on the original Dead Space. But today’s event gave us a closer look at the gameplay. The project seems to heavily channel Dead Space’s survival horror style, with goopy monsters, a plasma cutter-like weapon, and gruesome death animations for your character. As previously announced, the game comes out December 2nd.

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