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Overwatch 2 will get rid of loot boxes - The Verge News

Overwatch 2 will get rid of loot boxes - The Verge News

During the Overwatch 2 reveal event, Blizzard stated that the controversial method by which to earn in-game items will be removed in favor of battle passes and an in-game shop.

In Overwatch 2, loot boxes are no more.

Contained within the salvo of information Blizzard just launched about Overwatch 2, one of the more interesting bits is the fact the game will transition from a retail model to a free-to-play model. Also included in the Overwatch 2 strategy is a concerted effort to deliver content on a regular basis with a new seasonal content structure. That new seasonal structure will include a premium battle pass not unlike the kind prominent in other live-service games, whereby there will be separate, exclusive rewards available for subscribers.

With the arrival of the battle pass also comes an in-game shop making the Overwatch loot boxes a thing of the past.

“Players will have a lot more control about how they interact with the game and how they acquire new content,” said lead hero designer Geoff Goodman during the Overwatch 2 reveal event.

Loot boxes have fallen sharply out of favor as a method for obtaining items as the way they’re designed and deployed can make them vectors for potential abuse. They’re essentially slot machines in which a player pays for the chance to win not cash but a coveted item. In an interview with Kotaku, an Overwatch developer talked about how they built excitement and anticipation into opening a loot box to make it such a rewarding experience that a player will want to do it repeatedly — either by grinding in-game or taking the paid shortcut.

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