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Data graphic: Track grocery price trends News in New York

Data graphic: Track grocery price trends News in New York

See how grocery prices across the country and in 10 major metro areas have changed.

Family grocery bills are on the rise with higher prices for most items, accentuated by significant increases in eggs, chicken, bacon and beef. But unless shoppers are taking notes, it can be hard to really see which items are seeing the biggest spikes.

NBC News is monitoring the average point-of-sale prices paid, and how much those prices have changed since May 2021 for six popular supermarket items: orange juice, eggs, chicken breasts, fresh ground beef, bacon and bread.

Readers can use this interactive chart to see how the price they have paid for groceries differs from the national average, or from the prices shoppers paid in other major metro areas.

The goal is to track the impact of any inflation on consumers’ wallets during the pandemic and as the economy reopens. The White House has said inflation is on the rise and here to stay.

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