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'A Strange Loop,' with 11 Tony nominations, has captured Black queer hearts across the country

'A Strange Loop,' with 11 Tony nominations, has captured Black queer hearts across the country

Michael R.

Michael R. Jackson, the playwright behind the Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway play “A Strange Loop,” says the Tony nominations are a testament to his hard work.

“It’s a real celebration … it’s been almost 20 years of me working on this piece,” Jackson told NBC News ahead of the 75th Annual Tony Awards ceremony on Sunday. “It was worth every second.

“Taking your time to make something good is worth it, and I feel that we’re seeing the fruits of our labor, my team and I,” he said.

The critically acclaimed musical has been nominated for 11 Tonys. The story follows Usher (played by Tony-nominated lead actor Jaquel Spivey), who is a Black queer man writing a play about a Black queer man. Usher — whose actual job is ushering for "The Lion King" — is also grappling with an inner dialogue that is narrated by six characters known as Thoughts. The musical explores sexuality, religion, coming out and the stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS. 

Jason Veasey as Thought 5, James Jackson Jr. as Thought 2, Jaquel Spivey as Usher, L Morgan Lee as Thought 1 and Antwayn Hopper as Thought 6 in "A Strange Loop."Marc J. FranklinThe show, affectionately described as unapologetically Black and queer, has exploded in popularity since its arrival on Broadway in April. The play's fervor comes at a time when Black queer characters are still unrepresented on U.S. stages. But “A Strange Loop” remains a standout because it’s one of the few works that humanize the experiences of the Black LGBTQ community, said E. Patrick Johnson, the dean of the Northwestern University School of Communication.

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