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Best cheap phone 2022: six smartphones for under $500 - The Verge

Best cheap phone 2022: six smartphones for under $500 - The Verge

Looking for the best cheap phone? There are lots of great smartphones for less than 500 bucks these days. Whether you want an iPhone, a big-screened TCL, a tricked-out Samsung, or a low-cost stylus phone, here are the best options.

These days, you can expect a lot from a midrange phone. Apple, Samsung, and Google all offer devices that include many of the core features of their pricier phones, like top-of-the-line processors, weatherproofing, and software support for five or more years. You can’t have everything, of course, but $400 or $500 goes a long way.

There are great options at $300 and even lower price points, too. You can find a great, high-definition OLED screen, or a built-in stylus, or a battery that lasts for days. If you can hone in on the one or two features that are most important to you, then you’ll easily be able to find an affordable phone to suit your needs. And as always, we recommend getting an unlocked phone for the best price and portability, but you might find better deals by buying through a carrier and signing up for a wireless plan.

Our pick for the best inexpensive iPhone is the 2022 edition of the Apple iPhone SE. You’ll need to be comfortable using a small screen because its 4.7-inch display is starting to feel very cramped in this era of giant displays, but otherwise, this latest iteration of the SE does exactly what the previous generations have done: offer a low-cost entry point to Apple’s iOS ecosystem from a device that will last upwards of five years if you take care of it.

If you’re looking for the best budget Android phone, then the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is our top choice. It features one of the best screens in the class, with a fast refresh rate for smooth animations and scrolling. It’s also backed by the longest software support policy you’ll find among Android phone makers, with five years of security updates promised.

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